O'Donnell, Robertson & Partners ("ORP") is committed to treating employees, clients, visitors and all others in our community with respect and dignity.

ORP is committed to:

  • Ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities
  • Treating people in a way that respects their dignity and independence
  • Complying with the provisions of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 ("AODA") applicable to small organizations
This policy applies to ORP with respect to its clients, employees and visitors.


Wheelchair access is available directly from the King Street entrance.

Evacuation procedures are in place for individuals needing assistance. ORP will provide, on demand, alternative format copies of our evacuation plan.


ORP provides its clients, visitors and staff with publicly available emergency information and directions from the building owner in an accessible format upon request.


ORP trains its staff on the requirements of the AODA regulation and the Human Rights Act as they pertain to persons with disabilities. It provides such information to all employees and ensures that new employees are trained in it as part of their initiation process.


ORP will inform job applicants about the availability of accommodation for persons with disabilities. Where requested by an employee with a disability, ORP will provide or arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communication supports required in the performance of their job as well as information that is otherwise generally available to all employees of ORP.

ORP will, in consultation with its employee with a disability, document an individual accommodation plan for such employee which will include the following elements –

  • assessment of the employee on an individual basis
  • availability of an employee representative from the workplace to participate in the development of the plan
  • availability of an employer-requested evaluation by an outside medical expert to determine if and/or how accommodation can be achieved in the circumstances
ORP will take into account the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities with regard to performance management, career development and advancement.


ORP will ensure that existing and new processes for receiving and responding to feedback are accessible to persons with disabilities by providing or arranging to provide accessible formats and communications supports, upon request.

Comments or concerns regarding service provided by our employee(s) should be directed to:

Antonios T. Antoniou, B.A., LL.B.
O'Donnell, Robertson & Partners
800 - 36 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1E5
Telephone: (416) 214-0606
Fax: (416) 214-0605