About us

Since 1994, O'Donnell, Robertson & Partners has maintained its course as a concentrated and focused law firm that is well-established and well-recognized in the defined areas in which it specializes. The firm's philosophy of practise and professional standards have as their sole objective the provision of excellent client services: litigating, advocating, mediating or counselling to achieve the most beneficial result.

Building decades of experience on a foundation of academic excellence, the lawyers of O'Donnell, Robertson & Partners have forged a presence in the community of lawyers and courts in which they practise, and in the industries and professional sectors in which their clients operate. Always mindful of client objectives, and with a keen understanding of their client's business and business interests, the targeted mandate is a practical and reliable result in any dispute. This is achieved through a well-grounded perspective of the client's interests, a thorough understanding of the law and the courts and, perhaps equally important, on what makes good sense in the circumstances.

O'Donnell, Robertson & Partners advocates creative solutions to difficult problems. Advice that is as comprehensive as it is comprehensible. A principled approach focused at all times on protecting and advancing their clients' interests.